Why do I do this to myself…

I’ve posted this before but why do I spend all day unmotivated and wait until after midnight to actually try to be productive.  **sigh** Mayve one day I will own a house and won’t have to worry about downstair neighbors when I want to vacuum the house at 2AM in the morning.


Easter Bunny

Young Joe sitting on the lap of the Easter Bunny

Went through the photo books while out on the East Coast. Going to take me a while to edit and try to clean them up.


Does going out for breakfast really make me happy? Or is it just a distraction, filling the void with food and a check mark off a list to my therapist and to myself that I did go out instead of staying in bed all weekend.


Converse Custom Hi Tops

Green & Off White custom Converse Hi Tops. They came out pretty nice.

My weekend

Friday: ok I’m going to get chores done, catch up on work, and finish unpacking.



Sunday 11pm: Ok fine! I’ll make my bed. Happy?!?


This is me apparently

The golden city

Looking out the Ikea cafeteria towards San Francisco, as the golden sun shines down on it and reflects its light off the waters of the bay. As Karl slowly comes in from the pacific, diffusing the landscape to give it a dreamy, ethereal look. I can put away the ugly horrific truths of the city and lazily float on the dreams I once had about the city.

Even the iPhone can’t fully replicate the rose tinted glasses I wear looking out at the city

…In Bed


…In Bed

2022 is a year of the Tiger

2022 is a year of the Tiger, starting from February 1st, 2022, and ending on January 21st, 2023. It is a Water Tiger year.

The Tiger is known as the king of all beasts in China. The zodiac sign Tiger is a symbol of strengthexorcising evils, and braveness. Many Chinese kids wear hats or shoes with a tiger image of for good luck.
The Tiger ranks third among the animals of the Chines Zodiac The 12 zodiac animals are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each year is related to an animal sign according to a 12-year-cycle. However, the Chinese zodiac year is usually said to start from Chies New Year, which ranges from late January to mid-February. Therefore, if you were born in January or February in one of the above years, you might be a Tiger, or possibly an Ox. Additionally, if you were born in January/February in one of the years immediately following those above (2011, 1999, 1987, 1978, etc.), then you may be a Tiger or a Rabbit.

2022, a year of the Tiger, is a good year to give birth to a baby if you are looking for its particular auspicious symbols (strength, exorcising evils, and braveness). A Tiger year is the fifth most coveted Zodiac Year.
Tigers usually enjoy good health. Small illnesses, such as colds, coughs, and fever, are rarely experienced by Tigers. They are active so they like to do various sports.

However, they should avoid excessive strenuous exercise, because some dangerous activities may lead to physical harm. When involved in outdoor exercise, they should pay particular attention to warm-up exercise. Aerobic exercises, such as jogging, are suitable for keeping fit.

Tigers are energetic and have great enthusiasm at work. When they feel exhausted after working for long hours, they need some relaxation to refresh themselves.

People born in a year of the Tiger are brave, competitive, unpredictable, and confident. They are very charming and well-liked by others. But sometimes they are likely to be impetuous, irritable, and overindulgent.

With stubborn personalities and tough judgment, Tigers work actively and express themselves boldly, doing things in a high-handed manner. They are authoritative and never go back on what they have said.
With great confidence and indomitable fortitude, they can be competent leaders. They will not make preparations for anything, but can handle anything that comes along.

The Tiger, called “the king of the animals” in China, is usually the center of attention. They are born with leadership skills and they are respected by others. Tigers are suited to any career as leaders.

The best careers for Tigers are: advertising agent, office manager, travel agent, actor, writer, artist, pilot, flight attendant, musician, comedian, and chauffeur. However, in their early years, Tigers’ careers are not so smooth. After their thirties they find their direction and gather wealth.
In social relationships, Tigers always have a dominant role.

Due to mistrust and over confidence, Tigers do not like to communicate with others so they are not good at coordinating in social circles. They are inclined to use commanding means to deal with interpersonal relationships. Even though they are acquainted with a lot of people, they do not further the relationships to make close friendships.

Understanding, patience, and tact are needed when dealing with Tigers.

In love relationships, Tigers cannot show deep affection to their partners because they lack a sense of romance. Partners need to be equally active to keep up with a Tiger’s sense of adventure.
Each animal sign has its unique characteristics. Love compatibility among Chinese zodiac animals mostly takes into account the general characteristics of each animal. Only those whose characteristics match each other well can be good partners.

See below the compatibility of the Tiger with other animals.

  • Best with: Tiger, Horse, Dog, or Pig
  • Worst with: Ox, Snake, Goat, or Monkey